Comverge SmartConsumer

Residential customer engagement solution

Advancing a 30-year history of innovative energy management solutions, Comverge SmartConsumer is a residential customer engagement solution designed to increase energy awareness among utility customers and inspire them to use electricity more efficiently. Using SmartConsumer to fully engage the residential energy customer, an electric utility can help lower end users’ energy bills and drive increased customer satisfaction rates.


SmartConsumer is comprised of integrated software and services, including IntelliSOURCE PowerStory Portal, IntelliMARKET, and IntelliMEASURE.
SmartConsumer helps utilities transform customer relationships to achieve the most engaged residential energy consumer possible.

IntelliSOURCE PowerStory Portal

Designed with the mobile device in mind, PowerStory Portal provides the residential energy consumer an online dashboard with a full set of tools to help them lower energy consumption. PowerStory Portal was designed with the mobile device in mind, so it is optimized to educate customers about their energy consumption through tools they already use every day, such as smartphones and tablets. Customers accessing the portal at home or on the go via a computer, tablet, or smartphone see their electricity consumption reflected in user-friendly graphs and peer comparison charts. Capabilities include:
• Insight into current and historical usage
• Tailored energy-saving tips, including proactivenotifications
• Usage comparisons against similar customers
• Goal-setting and tracking applications
• Device/appliance management capabilities
• Control event status updates and opt-out
• Open standards and APIs to enable integration with other energy management applications


• Market analysis, research, and focus testing to identify the right messaging and branding for your target market
• Optimization of customer interactions at key touch points, such as bill pay, move in/out, and customer service calls, helping utilities deliver the
best possible customer experience.
• An experienced team of professionally recognized marketing experts, including strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers,
and sales professionals


• A variety of analytical tools used to assess program effectiveness and achieve greater program efficiencies
• Representative samples of the fully deployed and enrolled population based on factors including geographic location, altitude, age of building, and
demographic considerations
• Experienced analysts who read and decipher the data to provide meaningful and reliable analysis of the load reduction program

SmartConsumer brochure

VIDEO: Together Comverge and APS enhance electric grid reliability and cost-savings for customers.

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