For years, the answer to managing peak periods of energy usage has been one-way demand response. When the load gets too high, shut things down. This approach was designed simply to shave load – not to enable predictive, measurable, and accountable solutions. It's time to evolve.

Intelligent energy management solutions build upon demand response, enabling two-way communication between providers and consumers – giving everyone the insight and control needed to optimize energy usage. Beyond just reducing the energy load, this new approach cuts costs, integrates other systems, and allows for the informed decision-making that will power the smart grid.

An end-to-end intelligent energy solution delivers:

  • Two-way, real-time communication between utilities and customers
  • Better energy control
  • Insights into problem areas that require maintenance
  • More predictable energy loads
  • Rapid and flexible responses to changing conditions
  • Automated energy management
  • Faster, easier service changes
  • Improved management across the grid
  • A bridge to the promise of the smart grid

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VIDEO: What is the role of demand response? Learn how Comverge is a proven leader in delivering mass-market DR solutions.

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What is intelligent energy management?
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