Installation and Support

Comverge's IntelliSUPPORT® provides the services that support the full lifecycle of demand response, energy efficiency, and customer engagement programs and delivers their benefits on-time and on-budget with high rates of customer satisfaction.

The core competencies of IntelliSUPPORT include program management; field service, installation, and maintenance; contact center; network operations center; and professional services. With extensive experience, IntelliSUPPORT services manage the details so important to the implementation and success of your program.

Program Management

Effective end-to-end program management is critical to support the implementation and  maintenance of a demand management program of any size. IntelliSUPPORT program management includes all activities required to manage a demand management program, coordinate activities, and assemble and lead a team of professionals who will execute every contract deliverable. The project management team is responsible for all project-related activities, including:
  • Serving as the primary point of contact and management interface for the project
  • Working in close partnership with the utility to ensure project success
  • Accounting for all deliverables produced by the Comverge team
  • Managing the project and delivering a quality product on schedule and within budget (size, effort, and cost)

Field Service, Installation and Maintenance

Comverge’s field service offering delivers the ideal combination of demand expertise and a localized program presence. Comverge’s field support personnel are highly trained in HVAC and have deep experience installing Comverge smart thermostats and load control switches at participant homes. We are also prepared to form productive working partnerships with local installation companies as needed. Features of IntelliSUPPORT field service, installation, and maintenance include:

  • Extensive installation experience with both Comverge and third-party devices to control load 
  • Mobile workforce management tools that allow all work orders to be processed and closed in real time
  • GPS vehicle tracking for effective routing of technicians and timely service call response, with 24/7 dispatch available as necessary
  • Weekly safety training for all field teams that addresses both high- and low-voltage equipment

Contact Center

Comverge’s centralized contact center provides a cost-effective client support and acquisition model that is scalable and dynamic for demand management programs of all kinds. The contact center is prepared to provide customers information regarding the program, offer assistance from signup to installation, and perform ongoing customer support. Capabilities of the contact center include:

  • Efficient processing of customer enrollments, including installation scheduling and addressing customerquestions and concerns
  • Increased customer satisfaction rates through efficient enrollment, post-install support, and prompt resolution management
  • Fully integrated business information systems software that provides information on customer recruitment, enrollment, installation, and service
  • Live customer service within 30 seconds of calling in, and a 95 percent success rate in issue resolution over the phone

Centralized Program Support

Comverge’s centralized program support team provides support for field office staff, including field technicians, field services supervisors, and program/operations managers. In addition to daily routing and dispatching technicians for emergency calls, program support includes second-tier customer service for end customers. The centralization of the function allows for more effective utilization of resources supporting multiple programs, as well as continuously available support. Features of IntelliSUPPORT centralized program support include:

  • Optimized routing using state-of-the-art software for cost reductions and increased productivity
  • Professional interaction with the end-user pertaining to repairs and other second-tier issues
  • Full integration with the contact center to ensure consistent communication and end user satisfaction

Network Operations Center

Staffed by an experienced team of energy analysts and engineers, the Comverge Network Operations Center (NOC) makes demand management program operation seamless and secure. From executing and managing events to providing emergency response, the NOC ensures utilities receive a consistent and reliable energy supply and real-time data flow. Services offered by the NOC include:
  • Initiation of curtailment strategies during peak conditions
  • Load-shedding control
  • Event compliance verification
  • Real-time monitoring of infrastructure needed, including paging systems, IT infrastructure, and field M&V sites 
  • Control, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical assets

Professional Services

IntelliSUPPORT professional services works with you to identify project success criteria, architect the technology solution, define business processes, and plan system integrations to ensure that your program is a success. Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge of customer information systems, SCADA systems, and other back office systems for smooth system deployments that deliver return on investment. Looking for opportunities for efficiency and improvement along the way, professional services ensures that your goals and requirements are fully achieved. Capabilities of IntelliSUPPORT professional services include:
  • Implementation of fully integrated complex systems, products, and services
  • Thorough end-to-end testing to confirm that the proposed solution will meet the project’s successcriteria through a well-defined user acceptance test phase 
  • Additional resources and expertise that works as an extension to your IT, demand response, and energy efficiency teams
  • Full knowledge transfer, including training and operationalizing support, to all program stakeholders
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