Measurement & Verification

From verifying signals to profiling loads in real time, Comverge’s IntelliMEASURE®
helps utilities achieve the full potential of their demand management programs.

Benefits of the IntelliMEASURE service include:
  • Track and measure the quantity and quality of any reduction during load management events
  • Receive insight into customer behavior, equipment functionality, energy use, and energy demand 
  • Enable real-time decision-making for load management operator
  • Predict available load and determine how much capacity can be provided under various scenarios 
  • Gauge program effectiveness and achieve greater program efficiencies
Features include:
  • Full integration into the IntelliSOURCE® platform
  • A variety of analytical tools used to assess the program’s overall performance
  • Representative samples of the fully deployed and enrolled population based on factors includin geographic location, altitude, age of building, and demographic considerations
  • Experienced analysts who read and decipher the data to provide meaningful and reliable analysis of the load reduction program

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