Comverge IntelliMARKET offers a wide variety of proven marketing solutions for engaging customers in the smart grid and energy-efficiency dialogue.

Our marketing team, composed of energy market strategists and award-winning creative professionals—with decades of experience at top Madison Avenue ad agencies and Fortune 100 corporations—develop and execute multi-channel marketing solutions to attract and retain program participants, ensuring the enrollment rates necessary to achieve the megawatts you need.

Comverge IntelliMARKET provides customized and proven print, interactive, and outreach solutions based on your company's unique marketing requirements. We offer a full complement of marketing services that will assure that your programs are strategically correct and produced at the highest level of quality, ensuring superior customer satisfaction and reduced risk in meeting mandated energy conservation goals. A unique set of core competencies—
  • Program Design
  • Marketing
  • Participant Recruitment

—makes us the logical marketing choice for major energy companies such as APS, Atlantic City Electric, ComEd, Con Edison, Duke Energy, OG&E, PECO, Pepco Holdings, Power New Mexico, PPL, PSO, SDG&E, TXU—and many more.

Comverge IntelliMARKET solutions actively engage residential energy customers with multiple channels, creating personal relevance to their energy consumption and introducing ways they can remedy high energy usage and its related cost.

As energy marketing and customer recruitment specialists, IntelliMARKET provides consumers with the appropriate level of information and context to make informed decisions regarding new and complex energy programs such as:

  • Demand Response
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Time-of-Use Pricing
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Critical Peak Pricing
  • Base Load Reduction
Benefits of the IntelliMARKET service include:
  • Positive and consistent communication to your target audiences
  • Tailored messages and campaigns that resonate with your customers
  • Marketing plans that address both your short-term needs and long-term recruitment goals
  • A proven track record of encouraging audiences to partner with energy providers to intelligently manage their energy consumption
  • High program penetration rates in targeted areas, positioning you for long-term success

Features include:

  • Market analysis, research, and focus testing to identify the right messaging and branding for your target market
  • Creation, implementation, and management of customer recruitment campaigns for:
    • Demand response programs
    • Energy efficiency
    • Critical peak, time-of-use, and real time pricing
    • Base load reduction
  • An award-winning team of industry-recognized marketing experts including strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, and sales professionals

IntelliMARKET offers multiple traditional and non-traditional channels to actively engage residential energy customers.

  • Direct Mail
  • Online Video and Banner Advertising
  • Program Collateral
  • Newspaper and Magazine Advertising
  • Face-to-Face Sales
  • Broadcast Campaigns
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Website Development, Online Enrollment
  • Telemarketing/Comprehensive Call Center Operations

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