Comverge offers a wide range of services that enable utilities to deliver successful demand response, energy efficiency and customer engagement programs. From small first-phase deployments to massive program roll-outs, Comverge services can help you ensure your program objectives are achieved on-time and on-budget. 


Our IntelliMARKET® service offers targeted and segmented marketing solutions to engage utility customers. Their mission: Develop and execute multi-channel marketing solutions to attract and retain program participants, ensuring that you reach the enrollment rates necessary to achieve your megawatt objectives.

The programs resonate with customers, and the results are measurable. To date, Comverge customized marketing campaigns have helped utilities enroll more than 1.6 million customers into demand response programs.

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Comverge's IntelliSUPPORT® provides the services that support the full lifecycle of demand response, energy efficiency, and customer engagement programs and delivers the benefits on-time and on-budget with high rates of customer satisfaction.

The core competencies of IntelliSUPPORT include program management; field service, installation, and maintenance; contact center; network operations center; and professional services. With extensive experience, IntelliSUPPORT services manage the details so important to the implementation and success of your program.

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From verifying signals to profiling loads in real time, Comverge’s IntelliMEASURE®
helps utilities achieve the full potential of their demand management programs. IntelliMEASURE tracks and measures the quantity and quality of any reduction during load control events. It receives insight into customer behavior, equipment functionality, energy use, and energy demand. The result? A real-time decision-making tool for load control operators.
In addition, IntelliMEASURE helps utilities predict available load. That means you can determine how much capacity can be provided under various scenarios, gauge your program’s effectiveness and achieve greater program efficiencies.

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