Smart Thermostats

IntelliTEMP DirectLink™

This smart thermostat combines a streamlined design with a modular Wi-Fi radio—a true two-way system without the need for third-party products. Its use of IP-based communications provides near real-time feedback and gives utilities a clearer view of currently available load.

With multiple configurations and support of varying levels of control for HVAC systems, the IntelliTEMP DirectLink smart thermostat paves the way for the elimination of free riders, provides greater load reduction, and offers more equitable control across customers.

Finally, with an eye toward future-proofing, it maximizes investment and extends the device’s lifespan: A user-replaceable module means it’s easy to change radio communications, accommodate new features and upgrade to new technologies. 


  • Easy-to-update communication technology with a CEA-2045 compliant user-replaceable radio module
  • Flexible control strategies (cycling, adaptive cycling, temperature-based strategies including setpoint and setback, or TOU/CPP/CPR automation)
  • Utility-configurable randomization for smooth in/out transitions
  • Flexible group addressing to control single or multiple devices
  • Easy-to-update communication technology with a user-replaceable radio module
  • Large easy-to-read segment display
  • Utility messaging display support
  • Broad compatibility with HVAC systems, including conventional single and multistage, gas heat, oil heat, electric furnace, heat pump, heat only, cool only, and millivolt systems
  • Full seven-day, four-interval programming

Download the IntelliTEMP DirectLink data sheet


IntelliTEMP® 900

The IntelliTEMP 900 offers multiple configurations to support varying levels of control—from one-way communications to two-way communications for HVAC systems. Comverge’s adaptive cycling technology monitors the HVAC operation and control cycles using percentage-based commands. This helps to eliminate “free riders” and enables greater load reduction and more equitable control across customers. The IntelliTEMP 900 offers a variety of control strategies: cycling, temperature setback, temperature setpoint, or price-response operations based on tier or price signal. For maximum communication flexibility, a second communication slot (USNAP form factor) is available to add or swap in a new communication module.

  • Flexible control strategies (adaptive cycling, temperature setback or TOU/CPP/CPR)
  • Flexible communication technology with built-in paging receiver, plus a second communication module slot
  • Large full dot matrix high-resolution in-home LCD display to support display of pricing, consumption, and messaging
  • Compatibility with smart meters to show energy usage, current price, and more
  • Proven design with +/-1 degree accuracy
  • Meets ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Broad compatability with HVAC systems
Download the IntelliTEMP 900 data sheet


Control Switches

IntelliPEAK DirectLink™

This cost-effective switch includes a paging, Wi-Fi or cellular radio. For flexibility, it’s designed for one- or two-way communications with your dynamic pricing and/or advanced load control program. Two programmable relays can be configured to enact pre‐programmed control strategies for up to four time periods per day.

IntelliPEAK DirectLink uses existing cellular networks or the consumer's broadband network, removing the need for an expensive and complex gateway. As a result, the implementation of a demand response programs—with two-way communications—is significantly more cost-effective. IP-based communication enables remote programming, status reporting, near real-time presence, and telemetry collection.


  • Flexible control strategies (cycling or adaptive cycling)
  • TOU/CPP automation support
  • Flexible outputs to control HVAC and/or appliances
  • Compressor run-time telemetry data reports
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade support
  • Wi-Fi or cellular communication options
  • Near real-time presence reporting
  • Cold load pickup to prevent spikes during restoration of service
Download the IntelliPEAK DirectLink data sheet

IntelliPEAK® 700

Combining multiple relay outputs and a robust set of control strategies, a single IntelliPEAK 700 can control multiple appliances, including HVAC units, electric water heaters, or pumps. With millions of IntelliPEAK 700 units deployed successfully in the field, it is one of the most proven load control switches on the market today.

  • Up to four relay outputs to control HVAC, strip heaters, hot water heaters, pool pumps, and other appliances
  • Superior sensitivity and selectivity in VHF paging receiver
  • Flexible group addressing to control single or multiple devices
    • Hierarchical group addressing
    • Four million individual addresses
  • Fail-safe single command to set control duration and strategy
  • Adaptive cycling minimizing free-ridership with oversized HVAC
  • Cold load pickup to prevent spikes during restoration of service
Download the IntelliPEAK 700 data sheet

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