Partnering with leading companies in smart metering, commercial and industrial facilities operations, and temperature controls

Through these alliances, Comverge delivers state-of-the-art products and integrated solutions to help utilities, commercial and industrial customers, and energy consumers better manage energy.

Digi International’s iDigi™ Energy solution simplifies the integration of energy management systems with remote energy assets. iDigi Energy provides the hardware, software, communications platform, and professional services to empower secure, highly scalable and flexible M2M solutions that can be created and deployed with unprecedented speed.
  Elster, a global leader in smart grid technology, has delivered over 11 million smart communications devices in more than 130 countries. Elster intelligent grid solutions provide utilities with energy conservation capabilities via demand response programs, smart grid applications, increasing operational efficiencies and maximizing ROI.
Itron is the world's leading provider of metering, data collection, and utility software solutions, with nearly 8,500 utilities worldwide relying on its technology to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Products include electricity, gas, and water meters; data collection and communication systems, meter data management, and related software applications; project management, installation, and consulting services.
  Sensus creates innovative technology solutions that enable the conservation of water and energy. Sensus has led the discovery, development, and implementation of technologies for the energy and water industries for more than a century.
  White-Rodgers is in the business of making you more comfortable. White-Rodgers thermostats, ignition controls, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners and its many other quality products make people everywhere feel better. 
Silver Spring Networks is a leading smart grid networking platform technology and solutions provider. The company has connected over 10 million homes and businesses throughout the world with the goal of achieving greater energy efficiency for the planet. Its products enable utilities to gain efficiencies, integrate renewable energy sources and empower customers to monitor and manage energy consumption.


"We appreciate the relationship that we've enjoyed with Comverge, how open Comverge has been to hearing our ideas and working with us on the innovative solutions."

Robert S. Stewart, Manager, Technology Evaluation & Implementation, Pepco Holdings, Inc

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