Comverge to Expand Pepco Holdings Inc. Demand Response Program to 300,000 Participants

Comverge’s IntelliSOURCE to Provide Acquisition and End-to-End Program Support for 50,000 new Program Participants; IntelliSOURCE Currently Managing more than 150,000 Customer Endpoints for Pepco Holdings Inc.

Norcross, GA, June 27, 2012 – Comverge, Inc., a leading provider of Intelligent Energy Management solutions for Residential and Commercial and Industrial customers, today announced an expanded agreement with Pepco Holdings Inc. (PHI) that will see the Comverge IntelliSOURCE platform supporting approximately 300,000 customer endpoints for PHI. Under the terms of the amended agreement, Comverge will help expand the PHI Energy Wise Rewards program to three new markets by providing end-to-end program support for 50,000 new program participants. This will include targeting residential customers in the District of Columbia, and small businesses and master metered accounts in Maryland.

Comverge began working with PHI, one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region and country with nearly 2 million customers, in 2009 and has already successfully deployed more than 150,000 energy management devices in PHI’s service territory as part of one of the largest demand response programs in the nation. The new agreement builds on that success and will see the Comverge IntelliSOURCE software platform automating all key components of the new programs including customer acquisition, device installation and call center services.

“Our Energy Wise Rewards program reflects PHI’s commitment to reduce energy consumption in all of our markets, as well as our strong support of the EmPOWER Maryland initiative,” said Jay Demarest, Customer Relations and Programs Director for PHI. “We look to Comverge to expand our Energy Wise Rewards program to give us even more flexibility managing peak energy demand. In addition, Comverge’s IntelliSOURCE provides us with the insight and control we need to optimize load control events and ensure we have capacity available when needed.”

PHI’s Energy Wise Rewards program enables its customers to take more control over their energy usage, save money on their energy costs, and take a big step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. During the summer "peak demand" times, Energy Wise Rewards works to reduce electricity use by "cycling" central air conditioners off for short time periods throughout the region, averting power outages, and reducing the need for costly, new electrical infrastructure. Comverge now works with PHI to deploy its Energy Wise Rewards program in all of its subsidiaries including Delmarva Power and Light, Pepco Washington, DC, Pepco Suburban Maryland, and Atlantic City Electric.

“The success of PHI’s Energy Wise Rewards Program reflects Comverge’s unique capabilities to work with utilities to successfully deploy large-scale, mass market demand response programs and we are very happy to be working with PHI to further expand this already successful program,” said R. Blake Young, CEO and President, Comverge. ”This program highlights the value of our patented cycling technologies and hardware and the scalability of IntelliSOURCE as the solution that will control approximately 300,000 end points in the PHI service territory. It is very gratifying to see progressive utilities such as PHI leverage the value of our Turnkey solutions, including IntelliPEAK, IntelliTEMP, IntelliMARKET and IntelliSOURCE can deliver by providing a secure two-way information exchange with customers.”

Comverge provides a suite of intelligent energy management solutions that optimize the deployment and execution of demand response programs such a direct load control and dynamic pricing. Comverge’s integrated and proven suite of software, hardware and services help customers to:

  •  Reduce kWh usage by user-defined time and temperature setbacks and/or price signal responses with IntelliTEMP, a programmable digital thermostat.
  • Curtail the end-customer’s air conditioner as well as tests for signal reception at the site with IntelliPEAK, a digital control unit.
  • Optimize the creation, execution and management of recruitment strategies targeting commercial and industrial and residential energy customers with IntelliMARKET, a proven suite of customer management services.
  • Automate and support end-to-end demand response programs such as load control and dynamic pricing with IntelliSOURCE, a scalable, flexible and proven software platform.

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