Electricity Customers in SWCT Participate in New COOLSENTRY™ Summer Energy Program to Forestall Local Power Emergencies


Fairfield, Connecticut July 13, 2004 Comverge, Inc. announced today the roll out of CoolSentry™, its free service offered to businesses and residents in Connecticut’s Fairfield and New Haven counties. Participation reduces electricity consumption during peak demand periods through remote conservation cycling of central air conditioning units. CoolSentry™ is a locally deployed program to help forestall summer power emergencies, while offering the positive environmental benefit of reducing greenhouse gases. CoolSentry™ is Comverge’s new consumer brand for its decades-proven technology and implementation of residential and small commercial load control programs. Over 5 million Comverge load control devices are deployed in hundreds of similar utility-based programs throughout all regions of the United States. CoolSentry™ is a quick response initiative that provides a robust tool to help forestall power emergencies in real-time, especially during critical hot summer weekday afternoons. When there is a severe deficiency of electricity supply in Southwest Connecticut, Comverge will be alerted by the regional power system operator. Within minutes, Comverge will reduce electricity demand by sending paging signals to small, outdoor CoolSentry™ devices connected to central air conditioning compressors. Once the paging signal is received, participants’ air conditioning compressors cycle off. As enrollment in the program steadily grows, CoolSentry™ will become an increasingly more powerful and effective tool to help thwart local power emergencies. In addition to providing progressive business and residential customers with a simple way to participate in making the power grid more efficient and reliable, CoolSentry™ participants are offered a choice of enrollment bonuses. They can either receive an annual thank you payment of $20, or a CoolSentry™ Green Tag Certificate---a guaranteed purchase of clean renewable energy, including wind or solar power. This purchase of green energy on the participant’s behalf reduces 15,000 cubic feet of harmful greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to a year’s reduction of CO2 from an automobile’s exhaust, if an average commuter rode mass transit two days a week rather than drove. CoolSentry™ is a voluntary service for local businesses and residents. More information and simple online enrollment can be found at www.coolsentry.com or by calling 1-800-717-6697.

About Comverge, Inc.
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