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The Eskom Project

Due to rapid growth, aging infrastructure, and delays in a new power plant build program, South Africa’s power grid is constrained and its reserve margin is exceptionally tight. Eskom decided to pilot-test the creation of a commercial and industrial demand response market and issued a global search for a demand response partner through an open tender in 2010.


To create a demand response (DR) pilot market of commercial and industrial load to reduce the strain on the power grid and prove the efficacy of DR in South Africa.

Comverge Solution

Leveraging Comverge’s industry-leading software platform, IntelliSOURCE, the Comverge solution included assuming two roles—that of market aggregator to create and manage Africa’s first open market for demand response resources, and curtailment service provider (CSP) to secure up to 100 megawatts (of the market’s 500 megawatts) to be used for learning purposes.


The DR market was successfully opened in mid-2012 under the Comverge-operated Eskom CSP, which acquired and managed load provider customers in lieu of anticipated in-country CSPs. Comverge exceeded the contracted program scope in two critical respects. In its role as market aggregator, Comverge took responsibility for not only creating and managing the DR market but also brought its 30-year demand response expertise and best practices to define the market rules. In its role as CSP, the Comverge-run Eskom CSP far exceeded its megawatt target, securing energy reductions from load providers of nearly 300 megawatts, almost triple the Comverge commitment. The contracted pilot as intended ran through March 2013.


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