In July of 2013, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) selected Comverge to be part of its Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Japan. This program supports global companies' establishment of new high-value-added business locations in Japan. Designed to enhance Japan's status as an Asian economic center, the METI program incentivizes global organizations to establish high-value business operations in Japan. Comverge was one of only four global organizations to be selected. As a result, Comverge opened an office in Japan and is now better positioned to help Japanese utilities and their affiliates deploy demand response and energy efficiency programs.

Comverge Solutions


Platform for Managing Demand Response & Energy Efficiency Programs

IntelliSOURCE® is a powerful enterprise software platform. It provides the foundation for demand response programs like load control and dynamic pricing and includes capabilities for program deployment and customer data analysis. Designed as an end-to-end solution for command and control, it creates two-way, real-time communications with customers. It supports every aspect and component of a demand response and energy efficiency program. Because IntelliSOURCE is a standards-based software platform, it can accommodate any of several protocol standards used for demand response solutions today. 

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Energy Efficiency Programs

At Comverge, we know energy efficiency is a great complement to demand response programs. That’s why we provide solutions designed to increase energy awareness among utility customers and inspire them to use electricity more efficiently. Features of IntelliSOURCE that drive successful energy efficiency and customer engagement programs include a web and mobile engagement portal, personalized thermostat optimization, normative comparison, and a customized analysis, insights, and tips engine.

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Energy Management Portal

Comverge Energy Navigator™ provides one-click access to accurate and comprehensive assessments of energy consumption across facilities, helping organizations drive down their energy costs. The advanced data collection and analysis capabilities of Energy Navigator deliver comprehensive insights into how energy is being used, allowing facility managers to identify opportunities to reduce energy use and spend in support of sustainability initiatives. In addition, by accurately calculating energy consumption, Energy Navigator helps organizations maximize participation in a broad range of demand response programs.



Switch for Controlling High-Energy Use Appliances

Comverge IntelliPEAK® is a cost-effective switch for controlling any high-energy use appliance. It includes either a paging, Wi-Fi or cellular radio to enable remote control. For flexibility, it’s designed for one- or two-way communications and two programmable relays can be configured to enact pre‐programmed control strategies for up to four time periods per day.

The IntelliPEAK DirectLink™ control switch uses existing cellular networks or the consumer's broadband network, removing the need for an expensive and complex gateway for two-way communications. As a result, the implementation of a demand response programs—with two-way communications—is significantly more cost-effective. IP-based communication enables remote programming, status reporting, near real-time presence and telemetry collection.

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Comverge's IntelliMARKET® service helps utilities recruit residential and commercial customers into load control programs. Our in-house marketing team, composed of energy market strategists and award-winning creative professionals—with decades of experience at top Madison Avenue ad agencies and Fortune 100 corporations—develops and executes multi-channel marketing solutions to attract and retain program participants, ensuring the enrollment rates necessary to achieve the megawatts you need. To date, Comverge has enrolled more than 1.6 million customers into demand response programs.

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Installation and Support

Comverge's IntelliSUPPORT® provides the services that support the full lifecycle of demand response, energy efficiency, and customer engagement programs and delivers the benefits on-time and on-budget with high rates of customer satisfaction.

The core competencies of IntelliSUPPORT include program management; field service, installation, and maintenance; contact center; network operations center; and professional services. With extensive experience, IntelliSUPPORT services manage the details so important to the implementation and success of your program.

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Comverge Japan News

May 15. 2017 - Comverge Selected to Participate in Japan’s First Commercial-Scale Demand Response Program for TEPCO PG  

April 27, 2017 - Comverge Japan presented at DR and VPP seminar hosted by TIC
Comverge Japanは技術情報センター主催の「デマンドレスポンス、ネガワット取引の最新動向と取組、VPPを含めた今後の展望」でComvergeの日米におけるDRの事業展開について発表しました。

April 24, 2017 - Comverge Japan presented at Cities Solution Study Group led by PwC Japan
Comverge Japan2017424PwC主催の都市ソリューション研究会で「都市とエネルギー」についてDRの視点から発表しました

December 2016 - Comverge Japan was published as a market entrant to energy market in JETRO Invest Japan Annual Report( English) 「ジェトロ対日投資報告2016」にエネルギー分野の外資の参入事例として掲載されました。(Japanese)

October 11, 2016 - Comverge Japan Starts New Demand Response Program with Kansai Electric Power Company and Kanden Facilities 関西電力株式会社、関電ファシリティーズ株式会社と共同で2016年度ネガワット実証試験を実施します

October 11, 2016 - Comverge Japan Increases Scale of Demand Response Program with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions 東京ガスエンジニアリングソリューションズと共同で2016年度ネガワット実証試験を実施します

November 17, 2015 - Comverge Japan to Implement Demand Response Program with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions  東京ガスエンジニアリングソリューションズと共同でデマンドレスポンス実証試験を開始します

June 17, 2015 - Comverge Japan Starts Automated Demand Response Feasibility Study with KEPCO and MID-FM 関西電力、MIDファシリティマネジメントと共同で自動デマンドレスポンス実証試験を開始します

March 2015 – Comverge Japan featured in METI Journal (「METIジャーナル 2015年2・3月号」に対日直接投資の事例としてインタビュー記事が掲載されました。(

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Featured News

Comverge Japan Starts New Demand Response Program with Kansai Electric Power Company and Kanden Facilities
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Featured News

Comverge Japan Increases Scale of Demand Response Program with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions
View the Press Release