Comverge delivers solutions that enable utilities and their affiliates to deploy demand response and energy efficiency programs in order to ensure grid reliability, reduce costs, and meet regulatory requirements. We offer software, hardware, and services that help manage every aspect of demand response and energy efficiency programs, from participant recruitment and device installation to call center support and measurement and verification. With 30 years of experience helping utilities implement demand-side management programs, Comverge has deployed six million energy management devices and enrolled more than 1.6 million residential customers into mass market demand response programs. Comverge has worked with hundreds of utilities in both regulated and deregulated markets

With a proven track record delivering energy management programs both in the United States and internationally, Comverge is well-positioned to develop custom solutions that will help International utilities and their affiliates deploy successful demand management programs.

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How Comverge Helped Eskom Create the First Competitive Market for Demand Response Resources in South Africa
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