Jay Demarest, Pepco Holdings

Meeting regulatory requirements through demand response

Bob Donaldson, Duke Energy

Demand response program drives successful results for both residential and commercial and industrial customers

Tracy Alexander, TXU Energy

Leveraging demand response to attract customers in a competitive market

Gene Post, City of Wadsworth

Demand response and dynamic pricing program implemented by public power utility to facilitate better customer engagement

David Eggart, Gulf Power

Innovative TOU/CPP program drives significant energy reduction along with high customer satisfaction rates

Carlos Lucero, PNM

Pay-for-performance program from Comverge gives PNM valuable capacity resource

Drema Hughes, Tampa Electric Company

Fully automated TOU/CPP program with customer portal enables customers to automate program settings to save money on energy bills

Jimmy Sandlin, Scottsboro Electric Power Board

IntelliSOURCE provides energy management capabilities to Scottsboro's customers so they can better control energy usage

Investor-Owned Utilities

If you’re faced with a regulatory mandate to cut energy, or need to find ways to combat expensive peak energy costs, demand-side management can offer real solutions. Demand response and energy efficiency programs can help ensure grid reliability, and also makes supply sources more reliable as well. These programs appeal to all customer classes so you can easily aggregate significant megawatts in a short timeframe. The result? Dependable power, satisfied customers, and profitable returns.

We’ve worked with many leading investor-owned utilities like Pepco Holdings, Duke Energy, and San Diego Gas & Electric, helping them implement demand management programs including load control, dynamic pricing, and energy efficiency.

Public Power Utilities

Reductions in revenue and tighter budgets are the new norm for public power utilities. That means business model modifications are a necessary part of continuing to provide electric service at the lowest possible cost. Not surprisingly, new construction and big-dollar capital expenditures are rarely viable options. The solution? A demand response program that offers cost-effective ways to cut peak energy demand. With direct load control and/or dynamic pricing programs in place, public power utilities can lower their energy costs and pass those savings on to customers.

In addition, energy efficiency programs are also a great way to engage with your customers and help them understand how they can lower their energy costs.

Partnering with public power utilities to help them implement demand management programs, we’ve successfully implemented effective load control and dynamic pricing in many different areas. Some of our partnerships include the cities of Wadsworth, Roseville, and the Scottsboro Electric Power Board.

Learn more about Comverge's solutions for public power utlities

Electric Cooperative Utilities

Electric cooperatives have a straightforward mission: Provide reliable electric service to consumer-owners at the lowest possible cost. Because a huge part of the power supply cost is determined by the power required during peak load periods, a demand response program can have a tremendous impact. By reducing the amount of power consumed during peak periods, the total wholesale power supply costs can be reduced. That helps keep rates low, boosts dependability and ensures member satisfaction.
In addition, an energy efficiency program can work in conjunction with demand response. Not only do these programs add up to real savings, they’re also a great way to engage with your members and help them discover new ways to lower energy costs.
We’ve worked with electric cooperative utilities such as Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative and Dairyland Power Cooperative, helping them implement demand management programs. We understand the unique geographic challenges electric cooperatives sometimes face when deploying a large-scale demand response program and have developed best practices to ensure program success.

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Retail Electric Providers

Retail Electric Providers (REP) must constantly find ways to differentiate in order to stay competitive. Providing consumers with innovative energy management solutions such as smart thermostats can help REP attract customers who are looking for the latest technology to help them better keep energy costs down.

We've worked with TXU Energy to supply customers with the Brighten iThermostat, one of the most innovative energy conservation tools available in the market today.

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