Energy Efficiency

At Comverge, we know energy efficiency is a great complement to demand response programs. That’s why we provide solutions designed to increase energy awareness among utility customers and inspire them to use electricity more efficiently.

Designed with the mobile device in mind, IntelliSOURCE-CustomerTM equips the on-the-go residential energy consumer with a full set of tools to conveniently reduce household energy consumption. Features of IntelliSOURCE-Customer that drive successful energy efficiency and customer engagement programs include:
  • Web and mobile engagement portal with an compelling online dashboard featuring tools and actionable tips, user-friendly graphs, and peer comparison charts all accessible from virtually any web-enabled device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets
  • Personalized thermostat optimization allowing customers to monitor the status of their home remotely, program the schedule of their thermostat, and quickly and easily adjust temperature and mode
  • Normative comparisons ranking customers participating in a utility’s energy efficiency and demand response programs with like users to motivate reductions in energy consumption
  • Customized analysis, insights & tips engine sending customers pointers that are relevant, personal, and immediately actionable with one click

Integrated with demand response

We provide utilities a single view of those customers participating in both demand response and energy efficiency programs. With this single system, we can combine direct load control and dynamic pricing programs with customer engagement, give you a unified view of how it’s all working together, and ensure a coordinated voice to the customer.



Because no two markets are exactly alike, our IntelliMARKET® service performs market analysis, research, and focus testing to identify the right messaging and branding for your target market.

The IntelliMARKET service uses a data-driven approach to help reach customer engagement goals. By analyzing all customer data, the service enables utilities to target the most appropriate customers, identifies the best ways to engage them, and ultimately increases the impact of customer communications. It also helps optimize customer interactions at key touchpoints (such as bill pay, move in/out, and customer service calls) to help build ongoing awareness, reinforcement of the message, and true engagement. 


The IntelliMEASURE® service uses analytical tools to assess program effectiveness and look for even more efficiency. This includes representative samples of the fully deployed and enrolled population based on factors like geographic location, altitude, age of the building, and demographic considerations.

When your energy efficiency program is working, our experienced analysts can prove it: They read and decipher the data, provide meaningful and reliable analysis, and offer reports and insights so you can tell the story of success.


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