Load Control

The energy mix is changing. Historically reliable sources of supply now blend with less-reliable sources like solar and wind. That’s why a load control program plays a critical role in helping ensure the reliability of the grid. But that’s just the beginning.
  • Load control programs offer the environmental benefit of providing peaking capacity to utilities—without the need for investments in new power plants
  • When faced with a regulatory mandate to cut energy, all types of utilities can use load control programs to easily aggregate significant amounts of megawatts in a short time
  • With increasingly volatile energy prices, a load control program can provide a great hedge when prices spike

Our software, hardware, and end-to-end services help you manage every aspect of a load control program. From participant recruitment and device installation to call center support and measurement and verification, we’re there at every step. It’s big-picture thinking with tactical execution—and a deep understanding of how it all fits together.  

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IntelliSOURCE Enterprise is our software platform that enables you to automate the complete lifecycle of a load control program—from marketing to installation to control to optimization.

With a uniform infrastructure for command and control, IntelliSOURCE Enterprise creates a two-way, real-time communication link with residential customers. It handles grouping and addressing, helping you easily pinpoint the customers you want to target as part of a load control event.

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Our IntelliTEMP® smart thermostats and IntelliPEAK® control switches represent the device options for a load control program.
  • The IntelliTEMP DirectLink smart thermostat combines a streamlined design with a modular Wi-Fi radio. It’s a reliable load control resource featuring two-way communications. The use of IP-based communications means near-real-time feedback, near-real-time presence, and constant telemetry for a clearer view of the load.
  • The IntelliPEAK DirectLink is a cost-effective switch that includes a paging Wi-Fi or cellular radio for either one- or two-way communications with a load control program. It enables your utility to control high-energy appliances like HVAC units, pool pumps, and hot water heaters. Four programmable relays can execute pre‐programmed control strategies—up to four time periods per day.
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Our IntelliMARKET® service offers targeted and segmented marketing solutions to engage utility customers. Their mission: Develop and execute multi-channel marketing solutions to attract and retain program participants, ensuring that you reach the enrollment rates necessary to achieve your megawatt objectives.

The programs resonate with customers, and the results are measurable. To date, Comverge customized marketing campaigns have helped utilities enroll more than 1.6 million customers into demand response programs.

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Flexible Deployment Models

Two different deployment models for our load control programs offer options based on what makes the most sense for you.

1. Pay-for-Performance Model

This cost-effective model offers distinct benefits and includes all the services and solutions you need to reach your load control targets. Here’s what a pay-for-performance model can do:
  • Reduce the resources needed to deploy a demand response program
  • Lower the up-front investment
  • Leverage our best practices across all facets of a load control program, gathered from years of experience deploying similar programs
2. Traditional Model

We also provide specific products and services, working with your in-house resources or other vendors to deploy a complete load control program. This model brings many benefits as well:
  • It enables you to deploy a load control program without increasing your workforce and overhead
  • It supplements existing expertise with skilled field techs who can manage and service products at customer premises
  • You pay only for the services you need

Installation and Support

Comverge's IntelliSUPPORT® provides the services that support the full lifecycle of demand response, energy efficiency, and customer engagement programs and delivers the benefits on-time and on-budget with high rates of customer satisfaction.

The core competencies of IntelliSUPPORT include program management; field service, installation, and maintenance; contact center; network operations center; and professional services. With extensive experience, IntelliSUPPORT services manage the details so important to the implementation and success of your program.

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From verifying signals to profiling loads in real time, Comverge’s IntelliMEASURE®
helps utilities achieve the full potential of their demand management programs. IntelliMEASURE tracks and measures the quantity and quality of any reduction during load control events. It receives insight into customer behavior, equipment functionality, energy use, and energy demand. The result? A real-time decision-making tool for load control operators.
In addition, IntelliMEASURE helps utilities predict available load. That means you can determine how much capacity can be provided under various scenarios, gauge your program’s effectiveness and achieve greater program efficiencies.

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