Demand Response

Supply and demand fluctuations and can adversely impact the cost and reliability of electricity. Extreme weather. Unexpected plant repairs. Downtime caused by something you never could have anticipated. Renewable sources of energy coming online. Even routine maintenance. They all contribute.

And yet, the thirst for cheap, steady, and dependable electricity just keeps growing. From cost, practicality, and timeline perspectives, building new power plants isn’t the answer.

Instead, there’s a better way: demand response.

Demand response solutions start with the premise that you can have grid reliability and lower energy costs using the energy that already exists.

At Comverge, we not only provide demand response solutions, we lead the industry, putting you back in control and on a cost-effective path to a more reliable grid. We invite you to learn more about demand response and how our solutions can help.

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PHI to Reach More than 350,000 Customers for Demand Response
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The Benefits of Device-Based Demand Response
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